Advance your career with a Postgraduate Degree

A Postgraduate Degree can open windows of opportunities for career advancement or a career switch. You will gain new insights to complement your professional development and expand your network with like-minded individuals.

Benefits of Obtaining a Postgraduate Degree

  1. Increase your earning potential

    Higher earning potential is one of the most cited reasons for enrolling in a Postgraduate Degree programme. Compared to a Bachelor’s Degree, a Postgraduate Degree has been found to improve a candidate’s financial prospects.

    According to PayScale Singapore, an MBA candidate commands 2.1 times higher salary per annum compared to a candidate who has a Bachelor’s Degree qualification.

    While an Executive Masters of Business Administration candidate’s average salary per annum is 2.8 times higher than a Bachelor’s Degree candidate.

    Qualifications Average Annual Salary
    Bachelor’s Degree S$50,000
    Master of Business Administration (MBA) S$104,000
    Executive Masters of Business Administration (EMBA) S$139,000
  2. Increase your employability

    More professionals are pursuing Postgraduate Degrees today, and because of this, a Bachelor’s Degree qualification alone can sometimes fail to get you noticed alongside equally or more highly qualified candidates. With a university education presently viewed as more a rite of passage in securing a job, candidates with only a Bachelor’s Degree may find it difficult to appeal to employers, even at entry-level positions in certain industries.

  3. Access to business network

    As a Postgraduate Degree student, you have many opportunities to network. In the professional world, networking is connecting with like-minded people in a professional context, and finding ways to collaborate, discuss and develop your own knowledge, skills and career. You can accentuate your business management capabilities at the same time.

  4. Open doors to thriving career opportunities

    Graduates of Postgraduate Degrees have higher chances of holding a senior-level management position and enjoy successful careers. You can choose to do an online Postgraduate Degree programme, which offers more flexibility and allows you to learn at your own pace.

  5. Pursue your interests in greater depth

    Although most Bachelor’s Degree programmes allow students the opportunity to choose disciplines of personal interest, a Master’s Degree does this to a much greater extent. You will be expected to conduct independent research in order to develop your thoughts and ideas regarding a field. Attending extracurricular activities and meetings, and hearing from guest speakers and lecturers ensure plenty of opportunities to engage in your subject from multiple angles. For many students with passionate academic interests, the experience itself provides ample satisfaction.

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The Murdoch Advantage

World’s Top 100 Global Universities under 50 years old#
Plan your schedule & study at your own pace
Complete your MBA in 1 year with 8 units
Complete your Double Master’s Degree in 16 months

The collective expertise of Murdoch University Singapore Office’s teaching staff, which comprises of both industry experts and academics with PhD qualifications, allows students to gain practical learning and critical thinking skills.


Technology-integrated Learning

Technology-integrated learning refers to a study experience in which students achieve a given set of learning outcomes by interacting in more than one medium.

This approach involves the meaningful and balanced use of digital media such as recorded lectures, podcasts, text or graphics, with other elements such as a video or quiz. It may even encompass active learning methods such as student-generated blogs, where appropriate.

With technology-integrated learning, students will not only reap the benefits of face-to-face guidance and collaboration, but also – in carrying out some of their learning online – benefit from added flexibility and control over the time, place, path and pace of learning.

Studiosity — an on-demand, study-support service


Students will be given additional academic support via access to Studiosity, an on-demand, study-support service. Trained network subject specialists are available to offer you help.

Tap into a whole new way of studying with Studiosity


Member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU)

Master of Professional Accounting

  • Accredited by ACCA. Receive exemptions for up to 9 exams (3 Applied Knowledge and 6 Applied Skills exams)
  • Accredited by CPA Australia. Direct entry into CPA programmes.
  • Accredited by Chartered Accountants of Australian and New Zealand (CAANZ)
  • Recognised by the Institute of Public Accountants (IPA) for Professional Membership.



MU PG Fair - July 2020 - Info Sessions
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11 July 2020
1.30pm - 2.30pm

Increase your market value with a Double Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Human Resources Management

Limiting your interests to just one Master’s Degree is not easy, especially when you are deciding between a few choices. On the other hand, a Double Master’s Degree allows you to satisfy your intellectual curiosity in more than just one field of interest.

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is highly regarded qualification in the world. The MBA curriculum aims to strengthen your general management acumen as well as communication and leadership skills whereas a specialised business Master’s Degree aims to meet the market demands of a specific field gap. Although they are both very different degrees, they complement each other very well.


Gavin Chong
School of Postgraduate Studies

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Success Stories

Kannan Photo

Kannan LK
Senior Executive
Service Industry
Master of Business Administration

Daryl Photo

Martin Boey Jun Hoe
Boey-Gabriel Tan Organisation
Authorised Representative of
AIA Financial Advisers Private Limited
Master of Business Administration

Daryl Photo

Ng Yong Yi, Daryl
Commercial Manager
Alcon Singapore
Master of Business Administration

Geraldine Tang Photo

Geraldine Tang
Assistant Manager
Education Industry
Master of Business Administration

Jack Keng Photo

Jack Keng
Global Product Portfolio Leader
DuPont Singapore
Master of Business Administration

Chia Teck Chung Isaac Photo

Chia Teck Chung, Isaac
Mechanical Engineer Section Leader
Exion Asia Pte Ltd
Master of Business Administration

Valerie Wong Photo

Valerie Wong
Bio-Tec, Life & Medical Science Company
Master of Business Administration

Christopher Toh Meng Sung Photo

Christopher Toh Meng Sung
Lead II Analyst
Global Command Centre,
CME Group
Master of Business Administration

Alan Koo Photo

Alan Koo
Compliance Officer
Government-linked Company
Master of Business Administration

Ong Suan Hong Sharon Photo

Ong Suan Hong, Sharon
Finance Manager
International Firm, Telecommunication Industry
Master of Professional Accounting

Gregory Mariotto Photo

Gregory Mariotto
Business Unit Manager
Aerospace Industry
Executive Master in Leadership, Strategy and Innovation (E-learning)

Stuart Way Photo

Stuart Way
Security, Risk and Emergency Operations Manager
Emergency Services Organisation (Public Sector) – Western Australia
Executive Master in Leadership, Strategy and Innovation (E-learning)

Anna Keen Photo

Anna Keen
Regional Manager
International Maritime Company
Executive Master in Leadership,
Strategy and Innovation

Michael Cusack Photo

Michael Cusack
Youth Development and Engagement Officer
Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO)
Executive Master in Leadership,
Strategy and Innovation

Michael Cusack Photo

Haana Kurmoo
Business Development Manager
Tenant CS Pte Ltd
Executive Master in Leadership, Strategy and Innovation (E-learning)

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