Graduate Diploma in Psychology

In this programme, you will learn about the major fields of Psychology at advanced levels. Areas include the application of Psychology to facilitate individual, family and organisational changes, advanced psychological assessment, preparation for graduate diploma study and the research project.

Take your first step to becoming a registered Psychologist, with coursework units specifically designed to enhance your practical skills and theoretical knowledge. Upon attaining the Graduate Diploma, you are eligible to apply for entry into an accredited Masters in Psychology Degree programme from Murdoch University, Australia*.

*Subject to availability of the intake

The Murdoch Advantage

  • Advanced Psychological Assessment
  • Graduate Seminar in Psychology
  • Psychology: Practical Skills
  • Psychology: Principles and Processes of Psychological Intervention
  • Psychology Project
  • Master of Applied Psychology in Clinical Psychology
  • Master of Applied Psychology Professional

Both Master’s Degree programmes are available from Murdoch University, Australia.

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