1 Year - Executive Master in Leadership, Strategy and Innovation (100% Online)

1-Year Executive Master in Leadership, Strategy and Innovation (E-learning)

The role of leaders has changed. Effective leadership is no longer simply about managing individual disciplines, from HR to marketing to finance. It is about bringing them together. You must nurture integration, collaboration and change to improve individual and team performance. This is the inspiration for our Executive Master in Leadership, Strategy and Innovation (E-learning).

We live and work in a new era of interconnected, international business, defined by new products and new technologies that demand new business models and strategies for profit generation and value creation. It means that, today, leaders need to think and work differently. Innovation and integration are now leadership imperatives which led us to ask business, government and academia the question: what kind of development do the leaders of tomorrow actually want and need?

This Postgraduate programme has been created – from the ground up – for aspiring leaders with a minimum of three years supervisory experience from the private, public and not-for-profit sectors across the Asia Pacific. It is designed for professionals looking to move into higher levels of management in their particular field. The programme integrates the three thematic areas of Leadership, Strategy and Innovation.

The Murdoch Advantage

Complete in 12 months

Plan your own schedule

It is 100% online and accessible 24/7. It is specifically designed for working professionals to advance their qualification without having to take a career break.

Study online at your own pace

Access the bulk of your theoretical and learning material online, whenever it suits you, via our flipped classrooms.

  • Lectures and readings
  • Case study discussions and debates
  • Course notes and knowledge transfer sessions
  • Quizzes and assessments
  • Video journals and podcasts
  • Online collaboration sessions

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This programme is 100% online, which means you have the flexibility to fit your studies around your job and upskill without having to interrupt your career.

Murdoch University provides online support via Curatr and Zoom. Curatr is a student management system where all study resources can be found, and Zoom is a platform that enables students to interact remotely with lecturers and classmates.

This online programme is unique in that it offers structured virtual lessons, where students can login on specific days and timing to interact with lecturers and classmates.


The structure of this programme is application-based. The learning approach is through various platforms such as case studies, including team analysis, problem-based scenarios, and real-work simulations and industry engagement.


Global network

Gain access to networking opportunities with high-achievers, from diverse professional backgrounds through attending overseas workshop and extend your network of like-minded peers even further.

International faculty

Learning from Murdoch University Faculty lecturers, international academics, industry experts and business leaders, providing consistently high standard of teaching.


An online learning environment with peers from Australia, Greater China (China, Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR), Malaysia and Singapore creates an exceptional opportunity to supplement your understanding of core principles with rich and diverse global perspectives.


Leadership Themes

  • Leadership Dynamics – From Follower to Leader
  • Developing High Performance Work Systems
  • Manager as a Performance Coach

Strategy Themes

  • Managing Uncertainty through Scenario Planning
  • Leading from Strategy to Operations
  • Rethinking Strategic Value of Markets and Consumers

Innovation Themes

  • Managing a Global Business
  • Creating Value for Organisations
  • Stakeholder Governance in a Business Society Ecosystem

International Immersion

Capstone Consultancy Project


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